Alan Sakowitz


Alan Sakowitz

Founder - President


Alan Sakowitz is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Pointe Development Company and plays a vital role in its ongoing success. Mr. Sakowitz’s experience in real estate began when he attended the University of Miami Law School, where he obtained a Juris Doctorate degree and completed his L.L.M. in (Federal) Taxation. In completing his Master’s degree, Mr. Sakowitz took the courses that were required to complete a Master’s degree in real estate finance. He also holds a real estate broker’s license.

Mr. Sakowitz then went on to practice law for over 25 years with Sakowitz and Sakowitz, Chartered and its predecessor, in which he focused on real estate, business transactions and litigation. He represented clients in numerous aspects of acquiring, developing, operating, and disposing of office buildings, shopping centers, warehouses, apartment buildings, and strip centers, and in the litigation of similar matters. For several years, his practice included filing tenant eviction suits and seeking distress writs against delinquent tenants, as well as successfully negotiating settlement agreements on terms that were beneficial to both tenant and landlord.

Mr. Sakowitz’s successes in the practice of law provided an invaluable learning experience that prepared him to embark on the Pointe Companies’ numerous ventures into real estate ownership, development, and operation. Mr. Sakowitz has since been involved in all phases of real estate investment including developing, syndicating, brokering, buying, selling, managing, leasing, consulting, and providing legal advice. He has also lectured extensively on various areas of landlord-tenant law, taught courses for certification to those entering the property management field, and written articles for several real estate publications. Mr. Sakowitz is recognized for his expertise, honesty, integrity, and leadership by all who have the pleasure of doing business with him.

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